To become a member of Blue Valley Sportsman Club:

  • You need to be sponsored by a current member.
  • Download the application page and fill out.
  • Download the Range Rules and initial each rule.
  • Come to a regular club meeting (first Wednesday of every month at 7PM) at the Clubhouse and bring with you: 1)Completed Application; 2) Initialed set of Range Rules; 3) Proof of NRA membership; 4) $75 Annual Dues; 5) the name of the member who is sponsoring you.
  • Approval at the monthly meeting could be subject to a waiting list.
  • There is now a waiting list for new memberships from outside Summit and Grand County.  You can submit your application and you will be put on the waiting list. Send your application to the address below.  (6-8-19)
  • To renew your membership:
  • You may either mail your check and proof of NRA membership to:

Blue Valley Sportsman Club
PO Box 2732
Silverthorne, CO 80498-2732

  • OR you may pay by PayPal. If paying by PayPal, your NRA membership must be verified. Please take a photo or scan your membership card, or the mailing label from your magazine and email to


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Blue Valley Sportsman Club Membership Options

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