About Blue Valley Sportsman Club

Blue-Valley-Sportsman-logo_smaller.pngThe Blue Valley Sportsman Club was incorporated in 1955 after several years of less formal organization with the idea to support social purposes of sportsmen and women in Grand and Summit Counties. Our mission is to promote our common interest in hunting, fishing and preservation of wildlife, not for pecuniary gain. Since its inception, Blue Valley Sportsman Club has maintained a range to help further these goals.

The Blue Valley Sportsman Club was incorporated as a members only non-profit corporation under state law. The original range facility was located off Williams Peak Road and was later relocated to its current location on private property ½ mile to the north on Colorado Hwy 9. The range is not open to the public, except for our three scheduled shoots. Members are welcome to bring guests anytime as long as they accompany them. The only membership requirements are to agree to the range rules, to keep dues current, and to belong to the National Rifle Association. 

Our rifle range consists of 3 benches and back stops at 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards. There are also several steel silhouettes at various distances. There are 3 trap ranges, two of which are overlaid with skeet and one overlaid with a 5 stand course. Due to the layout of the trap ranges, number 3 specifically, there are times when the longer rifle ranges will be closed while the trap and skeet ranges are in use. 

The three public/member shoots each year consist of 100 & 200 yard rifle events. They consist of 1 shot closest to center from the bench. There are usually 10 to 15 shooters at each range, shooting 10 rounds at each distance. The silhouette shoot is a mix of shooting positions with varmint or hunting rifles at varmint type targets as far out as 325 yards. Various shot gun events are also held during the shoots and a kids .22 event is also available. Rifles and .22 ammunition are provided for the kids events.

The money raised at the shoots is used to support different youth activities such as 4-H and other community events. We also support organizations such as RMEF, Friends of the NRA and Ducks Unlimited. We have assisted Colorado Parks and Wildlife with shooting programs and hunter education, 4H with shooting sports programs, local food banks in Grand and Summit Counties, and assisting West grand wrestling with their raffle.

A trap league is held each summer and consists to 20 to 30 teams. Each team shoots once a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings. The league lasts 10 weeks, followed by a league tournament. 

A skeet league is held each late summer/early fall. No teams, but individuals shoot each week for 8 to 10 weeks. 

Club Officers

President - Steve Schake

Vice President - Dave Boehmer

Secretary / Treasurer - Loren Vawser

Board Member - Rick Hein

Board Member - Chuck Cesar